Onapsis Webcast: Mitigating Attacks Targeting The SAP Solution Manager

Thursday, August 29th, 2:00pm EST

Join Onapsis in our latest SAP® Security In-Depth Webcast, Thursday August 29th at 2:00pm EST featuring SAP Solution Manager.

In all SAP implementations, there is a special system that acts at the ‘brain’ of the platform: the SAP Solution Manager (SolMan). Using proprietary interfaces and protocols, SolMan connects with and manages all of the “satellite” SAP systems of the implementation (ERP, CRM, etc). If an attacker compromises SolMan, they will have access to the entire SAP implementation.

In this WebCast, Onapsis’ CTO, Juan Perez-Etchegoyen, will present known attack vectors that a malicious attacker could use to break into SolMan and what you can do to mitigate these threats in your organization.

About Onapsis:

Onapsis Inc. is the leading provider of solutions to protect ERP systems from cyber-attacks. At the heart of the company, the Onapsis Research Labs is composed of world-renowned experts with a proven track-record in the ERP and SAP security fields. Through its innovative software solutions, global customers can secure SAP and Oracle business-critical platforms from espionage, sabotage and financial fraud. More information at www.onapsis.com

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